It’s been a while. In fact, our last RESSONÂNCIA session apparently took place about one year and a half ago. We’re absolutely not keen to hosting events under social restrictions, so we’ve chosen to stay put during these quite psychotic times. But a house’s got to do what a house’s got to do, so when Gustavo suggested launching his latest solo record at VIC, we knew it was time to get back to business.

It’s a pleasure to witness Gustavo Costa’s return to records with this Entropies and Mimetic Patterns, a collaborative edition by Sonoscopia and Lovers & Lollypops. The fact that, during the last few years, Gustavo Costa has mainly approached sound from an exploratory perspective —mostly based on DIY electronic devices and sound objects— makes Entropies and Mimetic Patterns an even more surprising record, since it represents his first solo recording using the instruments that watched him grow up, namely drums and percussion.

Born in Porto in 1976, the creative path traced by Gustavo Costa displays a constant openness to various styles, while keeping a common trait: the experimentation and the constant quest for stylistic renovation.

Active in the underground scene since the beginning of the 90s, he has simultaneously kept his interest and activity within the academic context, studying percussion, music technologies, phonology, theory, composition and digital media, while teaching at several universities around Portugal.

Over the past 30 years, Gustavo has participated in numerous bands and formations across a broad spectre of styles and genres, and collaborated with hundreds of musicians in countless shows across the globe.

During the last few years he has dedicated considerably to the Sonoscopia collective and association, where he is deeply engaged in sonic explorations via several formats concerning creation and collaboration.

Check in to the event right here!