Our AiR Program

VIC’s international residency program invites emerging artists and art professionals from a wide array of disciplines to live and work in Aveiro, for periods ranging from one to three months, every year between November and May.

The residency program encourages artists and curators to concentrate, produce, research, connect and collaborate, aiming to promote new tendencies and projects, while contributing to international mobility in the arts.

Living and working at VIC

Former home of the ceramist, painter, writer, filmmaker and social activist Vasco Branco (1919-2014), the Aveiro Arts House is a historic residence with a notable tradition regarding arts and culture. Designed in the late 50s by Victor Palla, a famous Portuguese architect, designer and illustrator, the building is located in the very heart of Aveiro, facing a small park and Aveiro’s main museum.

Artists in residence have their own private bedroom at the second floor of the Aveiro Arts House, where they also have access to a fully equipped kitchen, two complete bathrooms, a shared working space with fast internet connection and a lovely sunroom.

In the ground floor there is a small arts gallery showcasing the work of Vasco Branco and, in the basement, a cinema auditorium where artists can present their audiovisual works. Built in 1969, this auditorium was used as a clandestine cinema during the times of fascism, and now hosts occasional events such as movie projections, small concerts and performances, poetry readings or wine tastings.

Support & Networking

Having established a healthy network of partners with other creative projects, business and institutions, we are able to provide artists with extended workspace as well as with exhibition and presentation spaces throughout the city, such as galleries, theatres and public spaces.

Besides basic support, our team can also help artists with specific tasks, such as the coordination of events and exhibitions, introduction to a particular person or community, or support with an ongoing project or research.

Funding and conditions

While this is not mandatory, artists in residence are encouraged to give at least one public presentation, performance, exhibition, workshop, or lead a similar event during their residency. Since we are an artist-run and mostly self-funded project, artists will need to find their own funding for their arts in residency program. Please contact us for prices and conditions.

Join VIC’s AiR programm

Email us with a short description of the project you intend to develop at VIC // Aveiro Arts House, a brief summary of your artistic career so far and some relevant links to your previous works. Keep it simple, speak from the heart.