Download and reuse this collective bank of 60 royalty free samples and soundscapes recorded during lockdown by sound artists around the globe.

As a new year gift for all you sound lovers out there, we’ve put together the Negative Mass free sound bank, comprised of 60 royalty free samples and soundscapes recorded during lockdown by artists such as AGF, BJ Nilsen, Budhaditya Chattopadhyay, Hugo Branco, Kyoka, Laura Romero, Miguel Isaza and Sonoscopia, in such diverse locations as Colombia, Finland, Germany, India, Netherlands or Portugal.

This sound bank is one of the many outcomes of the New Chronologies of Sound project, a sound art collection based on field recordings that approaches issues related to the ways in which the Covid-19 lockdown affected our ways of listening, creative processes and perception of time, developed in collaboration and with the support of organisations such as Teatro Aveirense / Município de Aveiro, Inet-Md – Instituto de Etnomusicologia, MAMM Medellín and Direção-Geral das Artes.

The project quickly turned into so much more, with a limited edition of 500 vinyl and 250 CD released by our label VIC NIC; an arts residency hosted at VIC with Jorge Barco, Diana Combo and BJ Nilsen; a sound performance and round table presented at GrETUA, which also featured Gustavo Costa, Ana Flávia Miguel and Rosa Alice Branco; a collection of essays to be presented later this year; an exhibition that will take place at the Museum of Modern Arts of Medellín this coming March; and this very sound bank.

Download it for free and reuse the sounds in any way you see fit. Enjoy!