Drink a coffee, make some noise!

Welcome to kaf•fe nɔɪz, your meeting point during the 2022 edition of Aveiro Tech Week. Carefully designed for experimentation and interaction by Navalha / VIC NIC and supported by the Municipality of Aveiro, it combines coffee culture and DIY electronics in an informal setting where you can stop, relax and connect, but also learn and experiment.

Located in the very heart of Aveiro, at the charming cloisters of Igreja da Misericórdia, the space combines a laidback and inviting lounge area, a speciality coffee stand by barista Carlos Calisto (Porta do Café), a craft beer & cocktail stand by Ana Rita Lopes, and an DIY electronics workshop, open to everyone who wishes to learn how to build their own experimental sound devices.

kaf•fe nɔɪz is open from 2h30 PM to 10h30 PM from Monday 10 to Thursday 13th and from 2h30 PM to 01h30 AM on Friday 14 and Saturday 15. In partnership with organisations and events such as Aveiro Tech Week, MTF Labs and NCF-UA, we’ve designed our own programming for the week, interesting and precise but laidback enough to also allow for spontaneous artistic manifestations. Check it out:


Tuesday 11

9:00 PM // Noise as a creative possibility: what does it mean to curate sound? // Talk w/ Jorge Barco (MAMM – CO)

Wednesday 12

9:00 PM // Shhh… // Screening of short movies about experimental music and DIY electronics

Thursday 13

6:30 PM // Culture Networking // Informal presentation of cultural projects from Aveiro

9:00 PM // Kaffe Jam // Open electronic jam session

Friday 14

3:00 PM // Magma // Hydrophone building workshop with Jorge Barco (MAMM – CO) // Price: 30€ // Registration: [email protected]

Saturday 15

11:00 PM // MTF Labs afterparty

Monday 10 – Saturday 15

3:00 PM – 7:00 PM // DIY Buffet // DIY electronic workshop, open to everyone

Wednesday 12 – Saturday 15

3:00 PM – 7:00 PM // VR Experience by Techdays

Download here the PDF with the whole programming for Aveiro Tech Week.

Co-create the playlist

Listen to the kaf•fe nɔɪz soundtrack and contribute in real time for this collaborative playlist with your own favourite noise, ambient and IDM tracks!

Where we are


Organisation // Navalha / VIC NIC for Aveiro Tech Week

Support // Aveiro Municipality

Artistic Direction // Hugo Branco & Jorge Barco (CO)

Production // Lana Gunjic

Production Team // Aurore Doutrelea, Liliana Caetano, Ronan Clarke, Sara Delgado, Shade du Plessis

DIY Electronics workshop by Bernardo Santos

Furniture design by Sara Delgado

Video installation // Chloe Harris

Speciality coffee stand by Carlos Calisto @ Porta do Café

Craft beer & cocktail stand by Ana Rita Lopes


More than a record label, VIC NIC is a circulatory device for sonic, visual and written artworks. Our mission is to stimulate experimentation and co-creation by facilitating the research, production and diffusion of unique world views.

On the backroads of DIY culture, we will keep pushing this safe harbour for the wild at heart towards the creation of possible shared futures by openly facilitating the flight plans of time travel artifacts. We hope you join us!