A punkish delight stuffed on Jazz

We always knew this day would come. After eleven shows, “Ressonância” must leave the only walls it knows and go see the world for itself. And what better start than going abroad to one of the coolest bars and venues in town? We’re talking about Mercado Negro, home of bouncy world-music and fresh cocktails above an auditorium meant to rock. But let’s bring a different kind of rock, shall we? Ladies and gentelmen, we present you a Polish treasure: meet the Kurws.



You know that expression of “coming out of the same bag”, right? So, we found Kurws at our favourite bag of all: the DIY one, Actually, that’s the strangest bag ever made in terms of musical homogeneity, but what bands have in common here is their preference towards a posture in life and creation rather than a choice of genre or aesthetics.

The polish three-piece started their path on a ping-pong afternoon and continued without wanting to choose a road. From jazz to kraut-rock, you don’t need a rotule to validate awkwardness and delusional approaches but, even so, we like to call it math-punk. Hailing from Wroclaw, Kurws arrive in Portugal for a mini tour including a pit-stop in Aveiro as they present their latest LP “Alarm”.

The difficulty was that we all played guitar. We didn’t want to be a guitar trio, so we had to decide who was going to learn a new instrument.

Needless to highlight their experimental felling once again, the truth is that everything in this band really seems spontaneous and sudden , but disciplined at the same time. They all volunteer at CRK social center, a venue “with a gallery, a concert room, a screen print studio and a café”, they say. By wanting to play together for quite a time, but with life and duties in their way, Kuba, Hubert and Dawid found themselves free to go on a chill-out afternoon where they could finally rehearse together and never stopped since then.



These guys say they rehearse 4 to 5 days a week and, as if it weren’t enough, thay always skype after every “training”. We honestly don’t know if this guys are punks or just mad, but being both wouldn’t be the worst combination ever, especially when you have a record such as “Alarms”. Its songs feel like going to 70’s Germany and dig every suburban garage with a band willing to experiment different approaches. Want to know the difference between Kurws and the golden age of Kraut-Rock? These guys play double the speed.


We’re all anxious about this show just like the gods must be, and although they present you a heaven and hell twist with this band, they assure you’ll balance everything out with a simple contribution of 5 euros. And don’t be sad because we’re not doing this at our house. You know that we might as well go there for a drink and chat. As usual.