Today we may finally revisit, in photography and video, the transdisciplinary event that marked the 100 years of Vasco Branco: a true celebration of the sensory art of tomorrow, organised by the City Hall of Aveiro and the artist’s family between 25th and 27th September 2020. Let’s thus remember, through the lenses of João Garcia Neto and Joana Magalhães, that celebration which reflected the plural and restless spirit of this multifaceted artist.

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100 years of Vasco Branco is a celebration of the sensory art of tomorrow! The cardiac mapping of the ethical and aesthetic existence of this artist continues to draw a diaphanous blue that turns into waterways, a delta, a woman’s body and children at play. Vasco Branco continues to begin the timelessness that greatness weaves. Now his tempo is musical, beyond time: beyond the 100 years of Vasco Branco.

Rosa Alice Branco (translated by Alexis Levitin)