Within the broader context of an European tour that will take him to countries such as Italy, France, Belgium or Switzerland, the Portuguese debut of multi-instrumentalist Ramona Córdova will translate into two performances not to be missed, the first being held at VIC // Aveiro Arts House (Friday 31st of May) and the second at the Serralves em Festa! Festival (Saturday 1st of June), in Porto.

On horse or on foot, by car or by boat, by train or by truck, the last decade saw the American songwriter roaming between such diverse whereabouts as the flats of friends in the suburbs of Paris or abandoned homes he found on his travels; tending to his chickens in rural upstate New York, before flying on a plane with no money in his pocket to perform in México; sailing to the Canary Islands to search his roots, before getting kicked out by undercover police for an overstayed visa, or feeling the fierceness of a winter in Alaska broke down on the side of the road fixing his truck. Here, there, over there, by whatever unconventional means he got himself there, he also booked himself some shows, mocking his own renowned falsetto which, in the tornado of enthusiasm the neo-folk music scene, had more or less launched his career.



In the course of these years, Ramona Córdova toured along renowned artists such as Four Tet, Cat Power or Seu Jorge, having already published three albums. His last record —On_Paper_ recklessly trades  his folk guitars for two Casio Tonebank keyboards and a delay pedal, combining industrial beats and synthetic landscapes under the banner of his unmistakable voice.

Following a prolific season with cultural events in several fields, which invited artists to Aveiro such as Valter Hugo Mãe, Yolanda Castaño (ES), Sontag Shogun (CA, USA), Martí Guillem (ES) or Trans Van Santos (USA), amongst others— VIC invites you to attend to the first of two performances by Ramona Córdova in Portugal, integrated within the exclusive concerts series Ressonância, which now arrives to its 25th edition.

Between the crepuscular intimacy of VIC’s auditorium and the sunny cultural diversity of Serralves em Festa, we dare to predict two amazing shows, absolutely not to be missed.



Check in to the event: Ressonância #25 // Ramona Córdova (USA)

© Photo by Inma Varandela