Two thirds of the electroacoustic modern classical trio Sontag Shogun teams up with Portuguese sonic environment creator and poet Diana Combo (aka Síria and EOSIN) to perform a collaborative work of site-specific electronic and acoustic sound and text entitled, “The Robins Sing at 3,000 Hertz” around Portugal.

The poem is an extrapolation of Perlstein and Young’s BraidedSOUND concept, aleatoric, improvisational and yet directional, a love story, a meditation on warmth and circuits, flights of airplanes, birds, clouds, restrictions and freedoms, dances and phantoms, an editorial, a dirge.

The trio will weave a quilt of nostalgic memory collages in fluid improvisation using found sounds, poetry, and fragmented conversations recorded to 1/4″ and 1/8″ tape loops, and intimate sonic foley. Navigating tonally through this dense electroacoustic landscape of stratified texture, Young’s sine wave streams run alongside Perlstein’s fractured voice fogs and pinball against the staccato voicings of Combo’s temporal plane.



Tonight the trio becomes a quartet to include the Russian-born, Netherlands-based multidisciplinary performance artist Masha Bronnikova.

Sontag Shogun’s new LP, It Billows Up, is due out on 17 May via Youngbloods. Copies will be available at the show.