Introduction to Sound Sculptures

Next 24th and 25th November, from 2:30 PM to 7:30 PM, Israeli artist Roi Carmeli will present a hands-on workshop based on his previous work with sound making kinetic sculptures, within the contexts of of his arts residency at VIC and the MEIA 2018 festival. The price of the workshop is 80€ (or 70€ with pre-registry) and includes all the necessary tools and materials (motors, wood parts…). The workshop is limited to a maximum number of 6 participants.


Workshop contents

  • Introductory talk and examples
  • Assembling a simple DC motor
  • Controlling speed with voltage and gears
  • Different kind of mechanisms
  • Using contact mics and pre-amps
  • Development of individual projects
  • Testing the sound of each of the produced sculptures with contact mics, pedals and amplifier
  • Enjoying the combination of the different projects working together
  • Final chat and conclusions


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Roi Carmeli

Roi Carmeli is a visual artist and musician based in Glasgow. He Graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem (2010) and a Master of Fine Arts from the Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow (2015). During his education, Roi spent a year as exchange student at the California College of Art, San Francisco, as well as residencies at Corning museum for glass, NY (2012), Scottish sculpture workshop (2016) and Tenjiamyama art studio, Japan (2018) Among other places.

His work has been exhibited in Israel, USA, Scotland, England, Japan, Czech Republic, and the Netherlands. In his work, Roi links present times to early civilisations, reconnecting humans and bridging the modern day singularities defined by race, nations, or states. His curiosity at the fragility of memory, the nature of time, spatial rhythm, and movement is conveyed through the use of sculpture and audiovisual narratives. He distinctively uses sound not as background, but as a tangible material in and of itself.

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