A sanctuary for wild artists, thinkers and technicians, VIC NIC aims to stimulate togetherness, experimentation and co-creation by facilitating the research, production and dissemination of unique world views translated into sound, visual and literary works.

Located in an unassuming basement somewhere in the small town of Aveiro, and built in 1969 to support the local dissemination of censored and forbidden movies, books and other artworks during the Portuguese dictatorship, a former clandestine cinema has recently witnessed the reemergence of a creative uprising.

Amidst sunny picnics and shady conspiracies, exotic arts residencies, intimate live shows, awkward installations and other temporary autonomous moments, the round-the-clock encounters between trained bohemians, mystical technicians, local pilgrims and domestic outsiders eventually grew into this artist-run launchpad for fearless, arcane or just downright outrageous media works.

From the depths of the house where the beloved ceramist, painter, director, writer and social activist Vasco Branco (1919-2014) once lived and worked, VIC NIC combines tradition and contemporarity; seeking to preserve and stimulate joyful diversity, rash experimentalism and freedom of expression as fundamental quirks.

On the backroads of DIY culture, we will keep pushing this safe harbour for the wild at heart towards the communitary and participative creation of possible shared futures by openly facilitating the flight plans of time travel artefacts. We hope you join us.

Life is a VIC NIC.