We believe in an interconnected city, where citizens and collectives conspire towards common goals: a network of people and projects that actually converge beyond the shallow conventions of social media and the digital realm.

Amongst the numerous joys that the VIC project has delivered us so far, one of the most unequivocally fulfilling is the daily satisfaction of collaborating with engaging projects run by real people, with whom we are thankful to share a a drink, a bite and —ultimately— our dreams.

We thank all of our friends for being there. At the end of the day, it’s that complex balancing of rotating parts that keeps high speed engines running.

Local Accomplices


Sharp and skilled design agency, our partnership with Ours has proven to be absolutely decisive to the creation and development of our project's image and subsequent communication materials.

Má Ideia

Besides being the finest handcraft beer pub in town, Má Ideia is behind some of the most notable and unlikely alternative events in town, such as the one day mini-festival Aveiroshima 2027.


Combining traits of music school, recording studio and event production , Musa has been around for 15 years. They’re our go-to partner for audio equipment rental and technical support.

C. M. Aveiro

The ongoing dialog with Aveiro's City Hall has proven to be paramount to a coherent integration between the city's cultural development strategies and VIC’s and artistic vision.


Often partnering up with VIC for common projects, the UA's Experimental Theatre Group is accountable for some admirable plays, also hosting numerous other refreshing cultural events at their venue.

Come Terra

Come Terra is a vegetarian blog ran by designer Lara Teang, in which she shares tricks, recipes and other vegetarian goodies. It's also our first choice when it comes to catering for events.

Teatro Aveirense

Built in 1881 and renewed in 2003, Teatro Aveirense is Aveiro's main show hall. Our partnership concern both the proposal of cultural contents and the hosting of some of the theater's invited artists.

Bau Uau

A remarkably slick and skilled architecture and interior design studio, Bau Uau shares its space with the "Má Arte" arts gallery, also featuring artist workshops, music studios and rehearsal rooms.


Ubiwhere combines software and business development, design and marketing skills within a team of innovators that will help you expand your business to new illuminating heights.

Pássaro Vago

Music label and artists collective, Pássaro Vago has contributed to VIC's cultural programming with events such as the last edition of MEIA — Aveiro’s Experimental and Improvised Music Festival.


Mainly focused on the production, publishing and promotion of musical projects and events, the Covil collective is responsible for programming several venues in and around Aveiro.

Tago Mago

Departing from a blog that focuses mostly on arts, politics and music, during the last year Tago Mago has been tenaciously promoting concerts both at VIC an other venues around the city.

National Allies

Lua Cheia

Internationally acclaimed and known to display the individuality and character of the Douro, Lua Cheia em Vinhas Velhas is a rather supportive partner and doubtlessly our wine of choice.

Improvise & Organize

Based at VIC and focused on issues such as mobility in the arts and the decentralisation of culture, this non-profit cultural association is responsible for several engaging shows and events.

Viral Agenda

Also implemented in Costa Rica and parts of Spain, Viral is Portugal's most widely used events guide. Internationally awarded, it gathers the most relevant cultual events happening all around you.

Freima Labs

Record label dedicated to publishing and promoting fresh and forward thinking Portuguese electronic music, Freima Labs is nothing less than the ideal host for the soon-to-be-released VIC tapes.


Deeply engaged in the creation, production and promotion of artistic projects, Sonoscopia is a cultural association based in Porto, with a formidable focus on sonic exploration and research.

Zigur Artists

Rooted in Lamego, Zigur is an artis collective and cultural association, responsible for several compelling events such as ZigurFest and Um Ao Molhe, an itinerant one-man-band festival.