More then a record label, VIC NIC is our upcoming circulatory device for sonic, visual and written artworks, aiming to stimulate togetherness, experimentation and co-creation by facilitating the research, production and dissemination of unique world views.

Coming soon

The works about to be released are mostly rooted on the activities developed within the Aveiro Arts House project. Such is the case of Transmissions from the Secret Cinema, a wild collection of mostly unpublished sound works from artists that we feel strongly about and who have performed live at our underground auditorium in the past few years. 

That’s also the case with UFOs Over the Field, a 60-pages printed [anti]guide about the ins and outs of developing community-driven cultural projects in peripheral areas. Based on the methodology used during the Re_Emergir project, which we’ve co-produced with the Spanish association Ecoopera in 2019 at the semi-abandoned mining village of Borralha, Montalegre.

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