A sanctuary for wild artists, thinkers and technicians, VIC NIC aims to stimulate togetherness, experimentation and co-creation by facilitating the research, production and dissemination of unique world views translated into sound, words and visuals.

Upcoming releases

The works about to be released are mostly rooted on the activities developed within the Aveiro Arts House, such as workshops, arts residencies, community-driven and participatory arts initiatives or international cooperation projects. VIC NIC kicks off with a compilation followed by a series of debut records from selected emergent projects.

Other planned releases, some of which are being commissioned by institutions as part of broader arts projects, include Electronic Interpretations of Portuguese Contemporary Poetry —a bilingual book featuring a music compilation download code— and New Chronologies of Sound —a compilation of sound art pieces based on field recordings collected at diverse geographies.

VN001 // V.A. – Transmissions from the Secret Cinema

Release date: 19 Jan 2021 | Format: digital + vinyl | Genres: electronica, electro-acoustic, experimental, kraut, psy-fi

A selection of mostly unpublished tracks from artists we feel strongly about and who have performed at our underground auditorium —a former clandestine cinema built in the 60s to support the local dissemination of censored and forbidden movies, books and other artworks during the Portuguese dictatorship.

VN002 // Probióticos – Os microorganismos que te fazem bem

Release date: 16 Feb 2021 | Format: digital, CD | Genres: electronica, jazz, experimental

Originally developed as a series of compositions for dance, film and theatre, the record blends written and improvised parts, skilfully performed by composer and jazz pianist João Grilo and contemporary composer Filipe Fernandes, and subtly suggesting references to the likes of Olivier Messiaen, Ryoji Ikeda, Tigran Hamasyan and ping-pong matches. The tracks on the audio player are just previews, exported from a live performance at our auditorium, which resulted from an arts residency at the Aveiro Arts House.

VN003 // Santi Lesca – Mirá Mirá

Release date: 9 Mar 2021 | Format: digital | Genres: cumbia, electronic, rock

Having completed an arts residency at the Aveiro Arts House in 2019, the Argentinian musician Santi Lesca is a composer, sound artist and creator of musical instruments, with three solo albums released so far. His sound design works for dance, theatre and new circus have also taken him to numerous countries all over Europe and Latin America, during the last 10 years. Besides his interactive sound installations, he also designs and builds his own original musical gear, combining electronics, MIDI and acoustic instruments.

VN004 // Azia – BedTrip

Release date: 6 Apr 2021 | Format: vinyl + digital | Genres: psychedelic rap

With a background as a drummer and videographer, Mariana Costa presents the debut album of her new psychedelic rap project Azia. Populated by unsettling dark tones and cheeky lyrics, BedTrip is set to be a groundbreaker record within the flourishing Portuguese rap scene.

Publication: UFOs Over the Field

Release date: 4 May 2021 | Format: printed + digital publication

This 60-pages printed [anti]guide aims to make accessible the methodology used for the Re_Emergir project, a community-based arts project that we’ve co-produced in 2019 in the semi-abandoned mining village of Borralha. It should prove useful to anyone aiming to engage in community projects, participatory art and cultural action in peripheral areas.

VN005 // Zé & os OVNIs – FÁRR[i]A

Release date: 4 May 2021 | Format: vinyl + digital | Genres: Folktronica

During the development of the Re_Emergir community project, a local 17-years-old concertina player named Zé joined Brazilian rapper/producer O Gringo Sou Eu and American folk-rock artist Trans Van Santos to perform live at the project’s closing event, titled FÁRR[i]A. This performance later generated a record based on human connection and the practice of participatory arts.


VIC NIC’s communications rely on our all-round creative team and on their commitment to each step of the release process —from concept to execution to promotion— including collective actions such as personally silk-printing all of our physical releases.

Almost two decades of experience and networking in the art, culture and music sectors —both at the local, national and international levels— account for good reach capabilities, including essencial tools such as well-segmented mailing lists and direct press contacts.

Our marketing strategy includes heavy touring, original cross-promotion techniques and a series of engaging audiovisual objects, such as the video-series Transmissions from Down Bellow, where emergent and respected musicians get interviewed and perform at our underground auditorium.

The Crew

Our crew is an unlikely gathering of multicultural weirdos from all walks of art, starring Portuguese sound artist and cultural manager Hugo Branco and American psy-fi folk songwriter Mark Matos on artistic direction; Brazilian graphic designer Nayara Siler and Spanish illustrator Lagrima on the beautiful graphics; Portuguese digital marketeer Sofia Marques, Lithuanian social media manager Viktorija žilinskaitė and Finnish PR Fatma Matar on the propaganda department; Brazilian videographer Gabriela Benedeti and Portuguese assistant producer Renata Rodrigues on all things video-related; drama director Liliana Caetano and organisation developer Lana Gunjic on production and project management; and producer Lucas Palmeira on mixing and mastering. We meet in person every chance we get, have fun together and make things happen.