Mobility in the Arts

Based at VIC, Improvise and Organize is a non-profit cultural association that brings together several artists, thinkers and technicians who —despite their different national and professional backgrounds— share a common passion, belief and vision concerning mobility in the arts and the decentralisation of culture.

Decentralisation of Culture

Assuming that art —in all its unlikely forms— can and should play a fundamental role in society and in everyday life, our nomadic multicultural organisation works towards the accessibility and decentralisation of culture, through the generation and promotion of community-based artistic projects worldwide.

Digging Tunnels

At a time when networks seem to be one of the main convergence points of the dominant speech, we choose to dig cultural tunnels instead, substituting the ubiquitous shallowness of networking for the generation and preservation of deeper relations amongst projects, spaces, individuals and institutions.

Coexisting yet Independent Projects

The foundation of the association, in March 2017, allowed for the development of a multiplicity of coexisting, yet independent, artistic projects, such as the Agit Lab artists residency in Águeda, the Óbidos Busker Festival, in Óbidos, or the cultural programming for Festival dos Canais and VIC // Aveiro Arts House, in Aveiro.

A Fruitful Synergy

Not surprisingly perhaps, it also allowed for an exponential increase of the synergies amongst its members —and between these and other artists and collectives— ultimately leading to the conception and development of several new projects and initiatives, such as the artistic direction of the Sexta 13 performance and multimedia show for 40.000 people in Montalegre, the Fogo Líquido street theatre show in Castelo de Vide or the Alma Eléctrica electronic arts event in Águeda.

Arts for Freedom and Participation

Declaring the democratisation of art as one of our main goals, we believe in the development of a civil society where every citizen plays a shared and active role towards a sociopolitical context based on participation, and on freedom of artistic expression and speech, which we consider to be fundamental human rights.


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