Viktorija Zilins

RESSONÂNCIA #31 // No!On (PT) | 15.02.20

The 31st edition of #Ressonância invites No!On, a duo consisting of Marco Pereira (Tatsumaki, NyX Kaos) and Márcio Alfama (Dead Men Talking, Vanished Into Nowhere), from their home in Braga to the cozy environs of the VIC auditorium. Crossing industrial and experimental…

RESSONÂNCIA #29 // mema. (PT) | 20.12.19

Guided by electric guitar, voice, adufe, keyboards and traditional instruments, mema. explores the deconstruction of folk, through a collision with indie electronica and pop music. With the recent release of the single “O Devedor”, and after its debut on stage in Lisbon, mema.…