In their debut performance, Friday 6th December, at VIC // Aveiro Arts House, Jenny & Her Epileptic Dog present Detours; a shared musical-conceptual diversion, born at the crossroads between the west coast
of the United States and the west coast of Europe, between the Beat generation and the Rave generation, between the enlightened psychedelia of the sixties and the poetic terrorism of the nineties: a destination dreamed of by two, but still a sketch of things to come.

More than the life paths themselves, it often seems to be the detours – through the dusty backroads – that bring us closer to our eventual destination.

Somewhere in this intersection between sound design, folk-rock, and electronica, Jenny & Her Epileptic Dog is a new collaboration between VIC resident artist Trans Van Santos (USA) and VIC artistic director Hugo Branco (aka Fulano47 – PT).

Check in to the event: Ressonância #28 // Jenny & Her Epileptic Dog (USA+PT)