October 2018

RESSONÂNCIA #20 // Çub (FR) | 28.10.18 >> Mercado Negro

For its 20th edition, the live music sessions Ressonância return to Mercado Negro's auditorium for the Portuguese debut of the French band Çub. As a result of the intersection between Ça's mathematical rock and Submarine FM's dub techno, Çub's energetic combination of wild rock…

RESSONÂNCIA #19 // Llama Virgem | 20.10.18

Llama Virgem is the national-avant-garde personification of a llama, their rhythmic dichotomy juxtaposing between the comfort of alpaca fur and the altruism of a spit in the face.  Following the release of their debut EP last summer,  Desconseguiste? arrives as the first full…