Equipped with an inviting balcony that faces the house’s reserved backyard, the Literature Room is the coziest of the four thematic private bedrooms available at the first floor of the Aveiro Arts House, former residency of the multifaceted creator Vasco Branco.

Combining modern amenities with vintage charm, and featuring an elegant blend of traditional and contemporary elements, each bedroom is dedicated to one of the crafts cultivated by the artis: Cinema, Painting, Ceramics and Literature.

Guests have free access to two shared WCs, a fully equipped kitchen, a charming living room and a sunroom that suggests long breakfasts and engaging conversations.



Projected in the late fifties by the acclaimed Portuguese architect Victor Palla, during the second half of the 20th century the house became a meeting point for relevant figures concerning arts and culture, both at a local and national level.

Just across the street from the city’s main museum, the building is located in the very heart of Aveiro. Everything worth visiting is at walking distance: Aveiro’s famous canals, the Municipal Theatre, the several museums or the University, and Aveiro’s stunning beaches are just ten minutes away by car.

The house resembles a living museum, filled with unique stories that bring out the artistic, cultural and political contexts of Aveiro and Portugal in contemporaneity. Guests are encouraged to visit the house’s arts gallery, library and cinema auditorium, on demand. They are also welcome to attend the exclusive events that we periodically host at our auditorium, such as movie projections, small concerts, poetry readings or wine tastings.

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