Electroacoustic Performance

Next Sunday 11 March at 9:30PM, the Spanish artist Martí Guillem will present his electroacoustic performance “Ton-Dose” at the Aveiro Arts House. 

In “Ton-Dose”, the artist creates small and portable sound devices, such as frequency and noise generators, feedbacks, loopers or delays, which are hosted in everyday metal food cans. Through body contact, action and light, Martí Guillem manipulates these elements and mixes the different sound sources, generating complex musical compositions with a deep poetic atmosphere.

The gods claim for a contribution of 4€ to reward the international artist, and we’ll be here as usually, happy to take you aboard. There are only 42 seats available, so please drop us a line if you wish to make a reservation.



Workshop: Introduction to Electroacoustic Music and Improvisation

On the same day, between 3PM and 7PM, Martí Guillem will also present a theoretical and practical workshop where he will introduce basic concepts concerning electroacoustic music and musical improvisation with everyday elements. Some of the main contents include:

  • Basics of electroacoustic music
  • Amplifying and manipulating everyday sounds
  • Building a contact microphone
  • Recording, looping and mixing the recorded sounds
  • Acoustic and electronic sound explorations

The participation in the workshop costs 30€. Reservations can be made via our email.



Martí Guillem

Based in Berlin, and having performed in cities like Vienna, Rome, Oslo, Paris, Barcelona, Stockholm, Prague or Istanbul, Martí Guillem is an heterodox artist who manipulates electronic devices, sounds, images, videos, actions and objects, often obtaining unusual and unique results.

Improvisation, experimentation and DIY are combined, irreverently but reflexive, within rather ephemeral proposals. His performances are usually characterised by a fresh and changing language that reflects about the social habits and the relationships between creativity and everyday life.


The pleasure that Martí experiences when performing may be perceived as an act of generosity that invites you to attend. He is one of those artists who, in their artistic approach, is himself a great part of the message. He is the surprise. — Alvaro Pichó.